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Wang Ruiqi

CCTV host Zhang Quanling

Famous China Central Television(CCTV) host Zhang Quanling became the focus of media yesterday. China National Radio(CNR) reported that she became extremely furious at a father's voilent parenting style during the recording of a TV program called “Power of Chinese Kids”and stormed out the studio.

The father reportedly behaved in such a brutal and violent manner when his son Wang Ke was practicing motor-racing that it makes the kid have two fractured arms not long ago.

Zhang Quanling says ”No juvenile in the world would take part in such an extreme sport apart from Wang Ke. In addition [url=]Fred Warner Jersey[/url] , there’s even no coach. His dad designed the training field and acts as the coach, yet he got all his professional knowledge from the Internet! How can he guarantee the kid’s safety? His mom was against it but nothing changed. As the boy fractured both arms this year, the danger is right in front of him and could be more serious than anybody can imagine.”

The 12-year-old boy Wang Ke began practicing motor-racing at the age of 4 and has become two-time winner of National Motocross Championship teenager contest. His father seems to have made clear plans for the kid’s future.

Wang’s father says ”As he is just in the early stages to practice how to jump with the motorbike, I am fully capable to be his tutor. When doing the fancy jump, a basic manoeuvre of the bike is to jump across the field and land safely. He is the first one to jump across without doing some complicated combinations. I am thinking of sending him abroad to learn from professionals when he is fourteen or fifteen. But first of all, I need to help him lay solid foundations.”

According to the father’s plan, the boy is the one that will improve the living conditions of the family in the future by participating in competitions, since he and the child have both invested so much time and money into this undertaking. But the host Zhang Quanling believes the 12-year-old boy is not fit for the extreme sport with potential dangers. However, the father says it is impossible for them to put an end to it now. The future that is waiting for Wang Ke is a bright and shinning one like those of billiard ball player Ding Junhui and pianist Lang Lang.

But for the young motor-racer who have practiced for 8 years, Wang Ke only knows that he should compete abroad and become a champion some day. What he does not know is if he really likes it or not.

Of course, the 12-year-old boy doesn’t know what his father’s dream means to him, just like his father doesn’t understand why there are so many people out there who are against his adventurous education.

According to experts, these so-called “tiger moms” and “wolf dads” have some misunderstandings, as they should not train their children to reach a level beyond their ability and use the kids as a means to realize their own dreams.

The host Zhang Quanling says “Although the child is the continuation of the parents’ life, yet everyone is different from each other. The child doesn’t seem to love those that his father is in favor of. Childhood is a self-perfecting process as individuals grow to integrate into the society, and undue interference from parents will do more harm than good.”

The “Power of Chinese Kids” is a brand-new program first aired on CCTV-1 and CCTV-2 on August 14, 2014, which aims to equip children with a healthy mind and body and help teenagers grow up in a healthy environment. The program features many celebrities and experts in the field of children’s education.

(Wang Ruiqi)

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