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Many men have suffered from the dreaded itchy male organ. It always seems to happen at the most inopportune times; a man rarely seems to suffer from it when he’s at home by himself [url=]Bobby Orr Youth Jersey[/url] , with no one else around to see him scratch that itch. Though regular manhood care can always help the itchy male organ situation, sometimes a man simply winds up with an itch that won’t go away. Often it is accompanied by a member rash, whether a very light one or a more severe reaction to something. But then again, there are times when that itchy male organ is just itchy – no member rash required.

What’s causing that itchy male organ?

Sometimes the aforementioned member rash – usually a result of contact dermatitis, or an allergy to something in the environment – leads to an itchy situation. But other times there is no rash in sight. So why the insane urge to itch?

An itchy male organ can be caused by any number of issues. Remember that the skin of the manhood is very sensitive and rather thin, the better to allow for intense pleasure when it’s being fondled. But the downside of that very sensitive skin is – well, sensitivity. If conditions are right, that sensitivity translates into a terrible itch.

A man might suffer from an itchy male organ if he has something on the skin, such as dried sweat, lubrication or seed blocking agents from barrier protection, traces of lotion or soap, bodily fluids from a partner, or even dry skin that can result from changes in the weather, a new cleaning regimen and much more. In short, if there is a manhood itch with no rash, a man will have to think long and hard about why he might be feeling the urge to itch all the time.

How can a man ease the itchy male organ?

In many cases, the itchy male organ is a problem until a man can get a good shower, after which he discovers sweet relief. But sometimes the itch lingers, and more must be done. Here’s what a man should do when confronted with this awful situation.

1. Do not scratch! Though it sounds like a terrible rule, scratching the itchy male organ can actually make the situation worse. A rough scratch on an irritated manhood can lead to even more problems, thanks to the tiny microtears that might occur in the skin, or the spreading of whatever it is that is causing the itch. If a man must touch his manhood, a gentle rub or pat will have to suffice.

2. Get clean as soon as possible. Whatever is on the manhood is likely causing the problem, so a man should clean up as soon as he can. If he’s at home or on his way there, that’s not a problem. But what if a man is in the middle of his workday and the itch is becoming unbearable? Slipping away to a bathroom with a private sink and a locking door is the answer. He should carefully wash his manhood with water and a soft towel. This might alleviate the problem until he gets home and can do a more thorough cleaning.

3. Visit the doctor. In most cases the itch will go away soon, but for those that linger, it’s time to talk to the doctor. The itchy male organ might be a result of a socially shared infection, some sort of fungal infection, an allergy to something in the environment or a sign of something underlying that might need medical attention.

And as always, a man can’t go wrong with the use of a good manhood health crème (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin). Soothing vitamin E and Shea butter make up the base of the best crèmes, which can then also include vitamins like A, C and D, as well as other soothing ingredients, like powerful amino acids. The use of the crème on a daily basis can mean better hydration, which then leads to less itching. "
BEIJING, Dec. 31 (Xinhua) -- Following are the top 10 Chinese athletes in the year of 2014 selected by Xinhua News Agency:

1. Li Na (tennis)

Won her second Grand Slam title at the Australian Open earlier this year and reached world No. 2, the highest ranking that an Asian player, male or female, has ever achieved; retired from tennis at the age of 32, citing injuries as reasons to force her out of tennis.

2. Ning Zetao (swimming)

Claimed four gold medals at the the 17th Asian Games in Incheon, South Korea; also broke men's 100m freestyle Asian record.

3. Zhang Hong (speed skating)

Won China's first ever Olympic speed skating gold after winning the women's 1,000m with a large margin at the Sochi Winter Olympics.

4. Zhang Jike (table tennis)

Won the men's World Cup title for the second time; led Chinese team to victories at the world team championships and the Asian Games.

5. Yang Haoran (shooting)

Won golds at the Nanjing Youth Olympics, world championships and Asian Games.

6. Liao Hui (weightlifting)

Swept the men's 69kg category gold medals at the world championships and also broke the snatch and overall world records.

7. Lin Dan (badminton)

Won the men's singles title at the Asian Games, completing his second ""grand slam"" of Olympic, world championship and Asian Games singles crowns.

8. Yao Jinnan (gymnastics)

Won the women's all-around, uneven bars, floor exercise and team golds at the Asian Games; also won the uneven bars gold at the world championships.

9. Chen Penbin (ultra-marathon)

Won a 100 kilometers nonstop ultra-marathon title in Antarctica, becoming the first Chinese to claim an international ultra-marathon title and also the first runner to compete in all seven continents.

10. Zhu Ting (volleyball)

Ace spiker of the Chinese women's volleyball team, helped the Chinese team reach final at the world championship after a 16-year-long wait; named in the best lineup of the world championship.


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