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Number of View :157 A healthy human body is the warehouse of energy. Even a small cold or flu virus can affect the complete routine of one’s life and disturb their mental peace. But there are few diseases that do not affect the physical health but take a direct aim on the mental balance. Such diseases can make one grow wild, bad mouthed and earn them the wrath of the society. These diseases are classified as psychic disorders and the early one is aware of such symptom the better it is for them and their family. Among the most common psychic disorientations schizoaffective disorder symptoms claims the first position. In this diseased condition the subject exhibits and experiences a combination of two severe disease conditions namely- mood disorder symptoms and hallucinations. But once the subject is ascertained to carry schizoaffective disorder in themselves doctors can suggest a better lifestyle and help them get over their difficulties and lead a normal life. Here are five early symptoms that can help the near and dear to identify the subject’s mental state and take them for a psychiatrist counsel as soon as possible:

Frequent mood swings

The most easily observable symptom for this disorder is the mood swings. Patients who suffer from bipolar disorder too display such symptoms. But with schizoaffective disorder they do not get psychotic but show severe depression symptoms. Their negativity rules their mind and reflects in their body language. Feeling lonely in a crowd and staying aloof are other frequently observed symptoms.


Imagining something unreal and firmly believing on the presence of that thing is called hallucination. It could be a visual presence or voice that cannot be seen or heard by common people. This symptom can be observed clearly when the subject points to a direction and stares continuously, or behaves as if he is freeing from someone’s clutches.


Once the subject feels the presence of someone or hears unusual inaudible sounds, slowly in the days to come, he starts to speak to those unreal things frequently and tries to convince others about their existence as well. When questioned initially they tend to cover up but slowly their acts become more and more pronounced.

Dishevel look

People with schizoaffective disorder lack the interest towards social presentation and behavior. They do not tend to dress up to match the occasion and also they start to sport a ghastly look with unkempt hair and beards. If someone points to their weird behavior and paranoid thoughts they tend to run away from that person or throw a temper tantrum

Suicidal thoughts

Though this is not an early symptom, this is the most frightening symptom as the person starts to talk about suicide frequently. They start to realize the change in themselves and they feel the inner voice is telling them to end their life. Their misery exemplifies if they do not get treated with medical help sooner.

Subjects with schizoaffective disorder cannot be cured completely overnight. With anti-depressants and repeated counselling, their medical condition could be stabilized and they can lead a quality life sim. [url=]Lamar Jackson Jersey[/url]   [url=]Khalil Mack Jersey[/url]   [url=]Kareem Hunt Womens Jersey[/url]   [url=]Julio Jones Youth Jersey[/url]   [url=]JuJu Smith-Schuster Kids Jersey[/url]   [url=]Jimmy Garoppolo Kids Jersey[/url]   [url=]Jason Witten Youth Jersey[/url]   [url=]Jared Cook Youth Jersey[/url]   [url=]Jalen Ramsey Youth Jersey[/url]   [url=]Ezekiel Elliott Kids Jersey[/url]